About the Catenion Academy

The Catenion Academy is the educational arm of the management consulting firm Catenion.

The Catenion Academy helps pharmaceutical professionals to reduce the risks involved in bringing new drugs to the market and to improve complex decision−making in R&D and BD&L. Our programmes are based on pharmaceutical industry strategy games, standard methods in decision analysis, and proprietary consulting approaches developed by Catenion – approaches that have helped to address and solve strategic issues for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

We created The Catenion Academy in response to the lack of educational programmes on the strategic issues of pharmaceutical R&D. Many R&D training courses address the operative disciplines of R&D, focusing solely on technical and regulatory aspects. In contrast, The Catenion Academy offers strategy−focused courses using the consulting methods Catenion has successfully used to improve the returns on R&D and BD&L investments in numerous companies.

The Catenion Academy provides three types of educational programmes: Risky Business, the pharmaceutical industry boardgame; in−depth courses on decision analysis techniques; and customised programmes.

Risky Business courses enhance the understanding of the strategic issues in product development and partnering for managers in R&D, BD&L, finance, marketing, sales, production, and other areas. The game provides a challenging, yet competitive experience that sharpens strategic thinking and mutual understanding on all levels of pharmaceutical companies. Risky Business can be played by professionals within and beyond the pharmaceutical industry.

Courses in Decision Analysis improve the way R&D project teams and portfolio managers assess their strategic options for developing projects and products. Based on methods that have been used successfully in many companies and on instructive, real–world case studies, the programmes help R&D and other professionals master skills they can put to immediate use for immediate impact.

Our customised education programmes address specific topics for individual companies and cover the various aspects of pharmaceutical strategy, R&D, BD&L and decision analysis.

The Catenion Academy is headed by partners of its sister consulting company, Catenion. All instructors are partners or senior consultants with in−depth expertise of the economic, scientific and organisational challenges that arise when creating successful pharmaceutical products.