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Dr. Claudia Walther, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds

„Risky Business leads participants through the multifaceted process of drug development and enables them to understand it much more effectively and profoundly than any power-point presentation possibly could”

Dr. Claudia Walther, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, Stiftung für medizinische Grundlagenforschung
Prof. Dr. Lothar Färber

The ambitious goal of our project with The Catenion Academy was to tailor a training on corporate finance and marketing for my staff in the medical and scientific functions. The objective was to accomplish a degree of understanding and thus confidence such that medical personnel could henceforth discuss financial and marketing related topics with the subject matter experts almost as peers. The 6-day curriculum– prepared jointly with Dr. Christiane Sommer – included textbook preparation, several case studies, presentations, discussion of real-world cases as well as a smashing day of “Risky Business – The Pharmaceutical industry board game”.

Far beyond the initial objective, the participants were absolutely excited and in fact inspired to broaden and deepen their knowledge in the financial and marketing areas. The success of the program has translated into the daily work already.

Prof. Dr. Lothar Färber Chief Scientific Officer
Gary M. Phillips

“Catenion has supported Merck Serono since the post–merger portfolio integration and has provided us with an integrated framework of methods, tools and processes for portfolio management and R&D project assessments. To help our portfolio team and the entire organization implement this system, The Catenion Academy has been able to customize Decision Analysis training to fit our exact needs. We have used The Catenion Academy’s training with the portfolio management team, with BD&L, R&D controlling, project leaders, project managers and beyond. Through this approach a common language and awareness of risk, return and strategic fit are being established across functions in a way that could not have been accomplished through portfolio management alone.”

Gary M. Phillips / MD, MBA Former Global Head Portfolio Management, Innovation and Business Intelligence Merck Serono SA
M. Germano Giuliani

“I have worked with Catenion on several occasions — from an in–depth assessment of our ethical pipeline, to health–economic analyses, to a customised training for my executive team by The Catenion Academy. The Catenion team always focused on our specific needs as a family–owned business while providing the perspective of large pharmaceutical corporations. Their insights had great impact on our internal discussions and development.”

M. Germano Giuliani / President & CEO Giuliani S.p.A.
JETRO New York


岸本 堅太郎 JETRO New York, Director of Health and Welfare
Ron Long / Former CEO

“We worked with Catenion to provide training and support for a new Portfolio Review System. They introduced us to their Risky Business Game which enabled the whole company to engage in a full day of intensive simulations that mirrored the real life decisions that our company has to take in managing its R&D portfolio. This proved to be an exceptional learning experience for our staff but also one which everyone enjoyed immensely. The Catenion team were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in both the preparation and the execution of this very important training event.”

Ron Long / Former CEO Medivir AB
Tomaso Piaggio

“At our 6th Annual Autumn Assembly, nearly 200 of our members had the chance to play Risky Business. It was a resounding success. It was a super way for students from some 26 different countries to get to know each other and learn a lot about their current field of studies. The group included everything from first–year students to recent graduates. It was challenging, but also showed more dimensions of the industry than the students normally see just in the classroom. The logistics of such a large event were daunting, but The Catenion Academy’s staff was very professional and the planning and coordination were wonderful. I played this game myself and what impressed me was that I was learning and having fun at the same time. I believe this is the best way of learning. I hope we can work again with the Catenion Academy in the near future.”

Tomaso Piaggio, M. Pharm / President 2009/2010 EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students' Association
Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt

“As a Biotech Cluster Development organization, one of the purposes of BioM is to be the first point of contact for start-ups and outside firms in the life science sector. The Risky Business workshop was a wonderful way to facilitate this and bring people together from different professional affiliations with common interests in a very collaborative way. Within the format of a Business Development forum the game connected people from many different companies who then shared ideas regarding industry problems and solutions. Risky Business proved to be an interactive way to open up dialogue between companies and institutions of our Biotechnology Cluster.”

Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt / Manager Marketing & Communication BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH
Dr. Florian Gantner

“Risky Business is an engaging workshop format for strategic dimensions of the pharmaceutical industry. It is at the same time a team event, a competitive challenge and most importantly a highly relevant programme. The game provided our researchers with a hands–on experience of R&D, Business Development & Licensing as well as executive level decision making.”

PD Dr. Florian Gantner / Head of Department Pulmonary Research Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
Axel Glasmacher

“Risky Business is a great way to get a hands–on experience on strategies and risk of clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry in a very short amount of time. It is quite realistic with close reference to the actual pharmaceutical industry key figures for R&D and BD&L processes, timelines, costs, success and failure. The seminar gives insight into why drug development is often so difficult and problematic, while at the same time also giving some insights into how to confront these challenges through deal making and improved decision making. Risky Business is a fun, interactive and productive way to work on team–building and for varied groups to look at their work in a more comprehensive way.”

Priv.–Doz. Dr. med. Axel Glasmacher / European Head of Medical Affairs Celgene International
Dr. Ulrike Fortmüller

“The ‘Risky Business Game’ is an enjoyable simulation of drug development and marketing. Demanding skills like strategic thinking, teamwork and evaluation of business risks, it realistically mimics the portfolio management situation of the pharmaceutical industry. In a relaxed atmosphere it trains the player for process analysis and decision-making, based on real facts. It is a valuable experience that helps one understand the complex nature of processes used every day in the Pharma business.”

Dr. Ulrike Fortmüller / Medical Communication Urban & Vogel GmbH
Dr. Thomas D. Bethke

“An excellent and interactive way of explaining how the Pharma Business is operating. Also for newcomers, “Risky Business” provides good insights into the exciting and fast changing, “risky” daily life in our industry. Quickly the participants from Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs and Clinical Research began to realize how difficult it can be to make the right strategic decisions in Business Development and Portfolio Management.

Moreover, it is an ideal tool for teambuilding purposes. Interaction within the teams and communication starts immediately. You really get to know your colleagues and co–workers when you play on a very realistic foundation. The competitive nature of the game inspired the players and induced a lot of “creative” thinking how to maximize their profits.”

Dr. Thomas D. Bethke / MD, MBA, FFPM University Lecturer, Medical Director Nycomed Deutschland GmbH
Dr. Claudia Walther

“Risky Business leads participants through the multifaceted process of drug development and enables them to understand it much more effectively and profoundly than any power–point presentation possibly could. It’s demanding – and fun.”

Dr. Claudia Walther / Managing Director Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Stiftung für medizinische Grundlagenforschung
Mogens Qvist Frandsen

“Risky Business Game is an exciting, hands–on way of teaching how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Participants quickly arrive at life–like situations that they have to handle immediately. Playing the game puts their job function in a larger perspective, whether they come from R&D, Business Development, Regulatory Affairs, Production or Marketing. It supports the understanding of top–level strategic decisions and improves the participants’ ability to participate in corporate business processes.”

Mogens Qvist Frandsen / Education Manager LIF – The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Claus Due Ponsaing

“The Risky Business board game is fantastic. As a professional working in pharmaceutical portfolio management, the most valuable aspect of the game for me was experiencing through play the discomfort arising from the high risk inherent in the industry. In the short–term you become biased in favour of certain ‘good’ projects and in the long–term you experience ‘good’ projects that fail and ‘bad’ ones that succeed in becoming your ‘bread & butter’.

Whether you are a seasoned portfolio professional or not – once this appreciation of risk takes hold, I see that people make better decisions in the game. I strongly believe these learnings translate into the real world, better equipping the participants to make and/or understand strategic decisions when back on the job.”

Claus Due Ponsaing / Senior Portfolio Manager, Strategic Marketing H. Lundbeck A/S