Customised Courses in Decision Analysis

While pre−defined programmes for decision analysis trainings are available, we can focus on specific methods and approaches in our customised courses. You can choose from following modules in decision analysis, as well as request new modules.


Option Space Mapping

  • Learn how to analyse available data for your company’s compound, competitor compounds and pipeline position to develop actionable development strategies with implications for market positioning and clearly defined go/no-go milestones.
  • Applicability: Research and Early Development

Competitive Product Profiles

  • Learn how to pull together information on unmet need, current and expected gold standard, data on own compound and pipeline compounds to formulate realistic, data−based, competitive product profiles.
  • Applicability: Early Development and Late−Stage Development

R&D Risk Assessment

  • Learn how to systematically assess and manage the risk profile of your compound by benchmarking hundreds of risk criteria in dozens of risk classes against industry standard.
  • Applicability: All R&D phases

Innovatiness Screening

  • Learn how to analyse market potential for early−stage compounds by assessing novelty, usefulness, theoretical market potential and company’s position in the targeted market.
  • Applicability: Research and Early Development

Decision Tree Analysis

  • Learn how to apply the widely used but tricky decision tree tool for visualisation and computation of project paths to market.
  • Learn how to avoid “paralysis by analysis” from decision bushes.
  • Applicability: Early Development and Late−Stage Development

Competitiveness Modeling

  • Learn how to build a forecasting tool for the entire target market of your compound including competitors, based on scoring and weighting key target profile features against medical need.
  • Applicability: Late−Stage Development

NPV Analysis

  • Learn how to compute NPVs, commercial and expected values.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each concept and when to use and not to use them.
  • Applicability: Late−Stage Development

Project Synthesis

  • Learn how to condense results gained using different methods and tools, use succinct summaries and meaningful, easy to comprehend graphics.
  • Learn how to derive viable options forward for a project, drawing on all pieces of information gathered using the different methods of analysis.
  • Apply Catenion’s proven synthesis templates and heatmaps.
  • Applicability: All R&D phases

Portfolio Prioritisation

  • Learn how to summarise individual project syntheses by therapeutic area, by R&D phase, by drug format or other.
  • Learn how to generate options at the portfolio level, thinking in different scenarios, like resource constraints, need to fill a pipeline gap, steady state output requirements and other.
  • Learn how to summarise and present portfolio scenarios in a few, meaningful graphics.
  • Learn how to separate prioritisation and resource allocation.
  • Applicability: All R&D phases