Customised Strategy Workshops

Risky Business, the Pharmaceutical Industry Boardgame can be customised in various ways. It is particularly suited to prepare a team and set the stage for the development, review or adaptation of strategies concerning R&D as well as BD&L. The Risky Business game is a 3 to 5 hour engaging experience. In addition, individual aspects can be concentrated on through workshops, simulations or breakout groups addressing topics such as:

Portfolio Simulation

What are the odds of success vs total failure under different R&D or BD&L strategies?

Different strategies for R&D and partnering on BD&L are defined for different teams of players: For example, no partnering at all vs minimum partnering of two thirds of all projects. Actual outcomes of the game are complemented with simulations, providing an ideal setting for strategy review meetings.

Pipeline Simulation

What are quantitative requirements to meet growth and launch objectives?

Different objectives are defined for different teams of participants: For instance, ensuring a minimum of 1, 2, or more launches per game turn after a certain turn. Actual experiences of teams in the game are compared with steady state analyses based on industry benchmarks for success rates and timelines in development.